Ads Posting Tips


Posting Ads

Follow these simple steps to post your ad on The Ghana Advertiser: Click on "Publish your ad for free"
Complete the information about your item (category, title, description, Price, Listing Location) and your contact information.
Agree to the Terms and Publish "Post"
You are almost done! Your ad will be available very soon. We will send you an email informing you when the ad is live.
It is very important to add good quality pictures, a great title, and description. You can find more tips to create a great ad in our "WEBSITE".
*If you post an ad without registering, you will receive a link to edit your ad.

The following rules must be adhered to when posting an Ad on The Ghana Advertiser:

  • All Ads must be uploaded with an image(s) except for the jobs and services categories
  • All Ads must be free of watermark images
  • All Ads must have valid phone numbers and email addresses
  • All products and services must be located in Ghana
  • All items and products considered to be illegal are prohibited.
  • Multi-Level Marketing jobs are prohibited.
  • The content of the ads must be clear and not offensive
  • All items must be posted separately except for sets e.g shoe and bag set, dining set e.t.c
  • Description of an ad must be clear and concise
  • Ads must not include links to third party websites
  • Duplicate adverts are prohibited
  • Ads seeking for friendship, relationship or donations are not allowed.

Please note that the following items are prohibited on The Ghana Advertiser

  • Firearms and ammunition - Weapons that require a permit or legal authorization are not permitted
  • Illegal/Pirated copies - Copies, duplicates or "backup copies" of software or audiovisual items, including memory cards or other storage devices. e.g DVDs, CDs, and books
  • Drugs, narcotics, tobacco and other smoking-related products
  • Free to air decoders
  • Fireworks and derivatives
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • All forms of medications
  • Pyramid schemes / multi-level marketing
  • Animals considered to be endangered under any local or international laws
  • Affiliate Programs/rewards or commissions and/or business partnerships
  • Offers on how to make money / profitable time/work from home
  • Human organs
  • Ads from minors
  • Replicas and counterfeits
  • Money Transactions - Ads or services offering the exchange(either online or otherwise) of any legal tender.
  • Tarot Services Horoscopes and/or Voodoo (Black magic)
  • Natural products that claim to cure diseases.
  • Digital goods e.g. vouchers in the electronic form
  • Coupons, vouchers and credit cards
  • Equipment for games of chance e.g Lottery tickets, Raffles, Betting Online Services
  • Explicit or adult content or services
  • Ads seeking for donations or help.
  • “Selfies” and images that have no relation to the posted item or service.
  • Academic writing and assignments
  • Ads for Used Underwear
  • Ads selling tusks, rhino horns or items made of ivory
  • Pepper Spray
  • Pornographic content e,g Adult / pornographic DVD's / Blue Movies/magazines
  • Any items or products with any racial, sexual or religious discrimination
  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin - SALE OR PURCHASE
  • Job search by a minor under 18 years of age.
  • Escort Jobs and nudity modeling jobs
  • Wild animal eggs.
  • Private detective/investigator ads
  • Massage services/Brothel services
  • Processing of personal identification documents; Birth certificate, Visa, and Passport application services
  • Money Laundering/fake currency
  • Buy/Sale of Legal Tender/loans/online funds transfer
All ads remain on The Ghana Advertiser site for 60 days before it automatically gets deleted.
The seller also has the option of deleting the ad after the product or service has been sold.
If you have not sold your item after 60 days; you can repost it with more detailed information regarding the product or service, better image(s) and a competitive price( you can compare your item with similar items posted on the site)
You can always refresh your ad 7 days after posting for it to come to the top of the page.

Please follow these tips to create a great ad on The Ghana Advertiser

Register for  The Ghana Advertiser account: By signing up you minimize the hassle of adding your details to each ad because we’ll automatically add them. Register here
A great title will sell your item:
Type the name, make and brand of the item. (Like 21 Inch LG LED TV, Used Toyota Corolla for sale,  New Samsung 6 Edge, HP Compaq Presario Laptop) Avoid characters (like *, ±, $ # ^), and Using ALL CAPS.

Great and clear photos make a good Ad:
Attach clear photos of the item you’re selling if possible the actual photos. Add at least 8 photos from different angles so that buyers can easily see your item. Uploading your own photos does add credibility.
Plan Your Ad:
Give some good thought to the description; add the condition of the item, (like Brand New or Used for 6 months, ) Add the Specs ( like Toyota Corolla manual 2000cc, petrol, Hp Compaq Core i3, Intel 2.30GHz, 2GB RAM, 320GB, Nokia Asha, 2gb Internal, 3Mps camera, comes with charger used for one year, has a cracked screen, unlocked phone, High copy refurbished iPhone 5s )Descriptive and Captivating words attract more potential buyers and even seal the deal.

The price must be right:

Don’t overprice when you’re selling an item. Compare with similar items posted on The Ghana Advertiser and decide on a price that’s fair, Consider the condition, how long you have had the item and what you paid for it originally.

Now you have a great ad Start Selling by clicking Publish.


Posting duplicates or similar items more than ones lower your chances of selling and may lead to your account being automatically banned.


  • Contact name - This is the name you want to show in your ads
  • Phone number - Super important so users can contact you
  • Street address

Your email address won't be shared. Buyers can contact you directly via direct message without seeing this information.

The street address is not a required field; however, we ask for the street address to make it easy for the buyer to know where the item is located.

Remember you can only add the street of your address or the city of the State. The number of your house is not mandatory.

You can contact a seller advertising a product with the number provided next to the seller’s name or by sending them a direct message.

The seller will receive your message and will respond by phone or through the message they received.

While browsing the site, you'll find a variety of products and services. Search through the ads, choose the item you want and contact the seller.

*Please note that after you are satisfied with the item of your choice, ensure to meet at a public location. Inspect the item thoroughly before you buy it and pay only after collecting the item.

It's easy!

Go to the ad
At the right of the window, you will find the info from the user. You can contact him by phone, or by private message Enter the message you want yo send, your name, email and phone number. Once you complete the form, click on "Send message"

  • Always meet the seller at a safe location and inspect the item before purchasing. Following this one rule will help you avoid most scams.
  • This is also true for house rentals.
  • Watch out for unrealistic offers.
  • If it appears too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Unrealistic offers are used to motivate purchasers to make hasty decisions.
  • The best way to transact is to collect the item and pay at the same time.
  • Never transfer funds or use a debit card to pay someone you do not know before collecting an item.
  • Ask for clear information on a condition of the item, price, payment, and delivery method.
  • Use only those payment methods that you trust and are familiar with.
  • Never give out your financial information.
  • It is recommended to purchase items directly from the seller.
  • In case of electronic goods, cars, and bikes you should test the functioning of the item before purchase.
  • Verify vehicle chassis number.
  • 3rd party services are available that can provide the history of a vehicle for theft, damage, and for identification purposes.
  • Do your research on comparative prices for the product.
Always meet the seller in person and transfer cash only when you are sure that the product is in conformity with the description placed in the announcement. Never transfer money in advance and do not pay by account!
If you are unable to meet the seller personally, ask for a shipment and check the contents of the courier during delivery.
The Ghana Advertsiter does not provide any mechanisms for payment and does not protect payments made by users.

Pay attention! You are responsible for the actions taken by you.

Remember! Never send money to seller account, do not hand over money or dispatch fee for an item. If the seller insists you that he will send item only after you posted the payment on his account - unsubscribe from this ad and look at the other sellers.
Click the flag icon under the Seller's info, to report if you think that the ad violates the rules applicable to The Ghana Advertiser.

Your safety is important to us! That is why we appreciate your vigilance and reporting of such cases to us.
If you receive a fraudulent or suspicious message, please Contact Us.
Our Legal department will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Tips to detect fraud while buying or selling

For buyers, pay extra attention when

  • The product has a suspiciously low price.
  • The seller asks for an advance payment/fee
  • The seller gives a different location from the one provided in the ad.
  • The seller cannot meet in a public place but insists on delivering the item.
  • The seller requests for personal information (bank details, email address, debit/credit card number e.t.c or other information that could be misused).
  • The ad appears too good to be true!

For sellers, pay extra attention when:
  • The buyer insists on paying via cheque, western union or moneygram.
  • The buyer insists on receiving the item before paying for it.
  • The buyer requests for personal information (bank details, email address, debit/credit card number e.t.c or other information that could be misused).
  • The buyer is located in a foreign country.

If you suspect an ad, please click on the Mark Us button After the Viewe counter.
If you have been a victim of fraud, please Contact Us immediately.

Such email should arouse your attention! Do not reply to it and report it to us!
Example of mail that should inform us about:

"Good Morning. I'm from England ..... Do I want to know if there is still the subject of a sale? And what is the current status, how much you want to sell it as the final asking price? I would like to make the following payments "PayPal transfer". Can you send the item to the sea by courier service? We look forward to you Mrs Smith Katerine"

Your safety is important to us! That is why we appreciate your vigilance and reporting of such cases to us.

The Ghana Advertiser does not mediate in transactions. Finalization of payment and all other details are agreed upon only between the Buyer and Seller. Learn more about Security, If you have been a victim of fraud, please Contact Us.

Our Legal department will be in touch with you as soon as possible.